The Jr. Wildkits Lacrosse program run by Evanston Youth Lacrosse Association (�EYLA�) has been formed for the purpose of strengthening youth lacrosse for boys and girls in Evanston, IL by (1) creating a communication channel between national lacrosse orga

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The following are Boys and Girls instructional videos from US Lacrosse.  Many of the videos are part of the Coaching Education Program (CEP) of US Lacrosse.  The YouTube Channel  for US Lacrosse can be found here:

Table of Contents

#2014 Girls Lacrosse Rules Interpretation

#2014 Boys Lacrosse Rules Interpretation

#Lacrosse Training- Wall Ball

#Girls Lacrosse Cradling

#Girls Lacrosse Catching

2014 Girls Lacrosse Rules Interpretation

2014 Boys Lacrosse Rules Interpretation

Lacrosse Training- Wall Ball

Girls Lacrosse Cradling

Girls Lacrosse Catching