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These instructions will help you utilize EYLA’s web-based sports management system.  This system provides integrated web, email, text and calendar functions to help you communicate with parents, guardians and players.  You must have "privileges" to use the functions of the website and these communication tools.  If you have been assigned as a "Coach" or "Team Manager" of a team then you automatically be assigned certain team management functions that are described below.  

Here are a few simple steps to help you and your parents take advantage of these capabilities.

  1. Encourage your parents to update their contact information in EYLA’s database.    
  2. Get your manager login and password for you or your team parent from the EYLA website administrator.

Table of Contents


Video Tutorials

The EYLA send messages and schedules to your team members.  Once events are scheduled, the system also sends automatic email reminders (36 hours before an event) and txt reminders (2 hours before an event). 

How to use the League Athletics Mobile App

Go to the iTunes or Google Play app store and download the app titled "League Athletics"

How to Log-in

Browse to and log in to the EYLA website using the same login you used when you created your online profile





How to cancel a practice

There are a few different ways to cancel a game or practice but in my opinion here is easiest instruction in which to cancel a practice:


  1. At top right of EYLA website, login with existing credentials
  2. Upon login hover your pointer over the "Team" menu tab and click on "Schedule" under the Team menu
  3. This will open a page called "Event Schedule" with some dropdown menus that will filter to the specific team view by selecting the Season, Age/Division, Team
  4. To cancel the event, the coach will click an icon to the right of the event under "Action" that opens an "Edit Event" screen.
  5. In the Edit Event screen, select the "Cancellation" option under Status
  6. Click on the check boxes to notify "Team members and their parents" and click Submit for the system to automatically send notice to the team

A few tips... It is best to go through this procedure from a desktop computer.  It is possible to access the website from a smartphone but it is cumbersome.  When the site is launched from a mobile phone, it defaults to a mobile site view.  At the bottom of the page there is an option to change the view to FULL site.  You can then follow the procedure above.  The website makes many references to its "Events" as games.  Ignore this.   

How to send a message to a team

·  At top right of EYL website, login with existing credentials

·  Upon login hover your pointer over the "Team" menu tab, click "Choose a team", then "Girls Teams" and then "Girls 5th/6th grade All"

·  Hover your pointer over the "Team" menu AGAIN and then click on "Roster".  This will open a page called "Team Roster".  The dropdown menus on this page should be pre-populated with the Season 2013, Girls Teams and 5th/6th grade All which has filtered the roster just to our team

·  At the right of this page is a grey button called "Options".  Click this and it will reveal an option to "Email Team"

·  This will open the page to create your message.  Your name and email address should already be populated in the boxes.  The email addresses of the parents on the team is already populated

·  Enter a subject for the email message.  In the Attachments field, browse to the file location where you have saved the schedule and attach it.  Write your message and play around with the formatting if you choose by using the menu features.

·  Upon clicking send, the system will bring you to a screen that requires a 4 digit security key.  The instructions will explain that an email has been sent to your email address with the 4 digit key. open your email, find the message with the 4 digit PIN and then enter in the box.  This will send your message.


Adding Individual Game or Practice

As mentioned previously, you begin scheduling by adding events.  To do this, click the "Add Game or Practice" choice on the Admin menu.  This will bring up the Event Information form where you can enter the following information:

  • Date
    Enter the date of the event using the form "mm/dd/yyyy" or "mm-dd-yyyy."  Note: This field will default to the date that was last entered using this form.
    • TBD
      Check this box to show the event as To Be Determined on the schedule.
  • Start
    Enter the start time of the event using the form "hh:mm."  If the time is in the morning, this is all that's needed.  If it's in the afternoon, you need to add a "p" to the end or use 24-hour time instead.  Note: This field will default to the start time that was last entered on this form.
  • Finish
    Enter the time the event is over using the same form as above, that is, "hh:mm."  Again, If the time is in the morning, this is all that's needed.  If it's in the afternoon, you need to add a "p" to the end or use 24- hour time instead.
  • Location
    Select the location of the event from the drop-down list.  See the Facilities chapter for information about adding facilities.
    • New Location
      You can select the New Location link and enter a new facility for your website.
  • Category
    Select the category of the event.  The standard categories built into the site are "Tryout," "Practice," and "Game."  You can add to this list by entering new categories in the Other field to the right of the "Category" list box.
    • Other (Category)
      If the category you want is not in the list box mentioned above, you can enter your own category by typing it into this field.  After you submit this form, whatever you typed here will show up in the "Category" list on subsequent forms.  Be careful when adding new categories.  If you create too many, the list will be hard to understand and navigate.  If you later decide to eliminate a category that you've added, it won't be easy.  First, you'll have to find all events that use the category, and then either change or delete them all.  This can be a very daunting task so think carefully about adding new categories.
      To delete categories you have already created, go to Admin>Scheduling>Event Maintenance. Here you will want to Change the Event Type from a previously created category to something else. Once changed to a different category, or category that currently exists, such as "game," the original category you had created will be removed. You can also remove categories by deleting all events that include this. To find these events, go to Admin>Scheduling>Export and export all of your events from your website. You will then need to find all events of this type and go to Admin>Scheduling>Master Calendar to delete them. Once all of them have been deleted or changed, the category will be removed from the website.
      Also, a very important note to observe is that game results are only shown for events that have the words "game" or "tournament" somewhere in their names.  Everything else is ignored so be sure to include one of these words somewhere in your new category names if you want them to show up on results pages.
    • Confirmed
      Check this box to confirm the event.
    • Cancelled
      Check this box to cancel the event, but still have it remain on the schedules.
    • ID
      This is an optional field where clubs may provide their own unique event ID.
  • Season
    Select the appropriate season from the drop-down list. This will populate the "Team" and "Opponent" drop-downs with only teams from the selected season.
  • Team
    Select the name of the home team for the event from the drop-down list of association teams that have already been defined.  See the Teams chapter for information about adding teams.  If this is an inter-organizational event, such as a house game or practice, you can select the away team from the Home Opponent list below.  Please do not re-enter this event for opponents from your own organization.  The web site will break out individual team schedules for you based on the master schedule.  If you enter a home team and a home opponent on this form and submit it, the event will appear on the schedules of both teams.
    Also note that you should NOT select league names from the list.  These are designated with an asterisk at the beginning of their names.  They are here only to distinguish the various teams defined for your organization.
  • Opponent
    If this is an inter-league (or association) event, such as a "house" game or practice, select an opponent team from the list of association teams.  As noted above under Team, you should not re-enter this event as a separate event for this team.  The web site will break out individual team schedules for you based on the master schedule.  If you enter a home team and a home opponent on this form and submit it, the event will appear on the schedules of both teams.
  • Or Winner/Loser of Game #
    Optionally enter the game ID of a preceding game in an elimination series bracket. The ID must be the internal database ID like the one displayed at the top of this form (if an existing game).  You can also get a game's ID by moving your mouse over a game's edit icon on any schedule.  Your browser's status bar will display the link which contains the ID number. 
    If you are creating a single elimination tournament, select winner from the drop down window. If you are creating a double elimination bracket you have the option of selecting the winner or loser of a previous game.
  • Outside (Opponent):
    Select the name of an outside (non-association) opponent from the list of previously entered opponents.  If the opponent is not in the list, you can use the Other field to the right of this one to enter new outside (or travel) opponents.
    • Other (Opponent):
      Use this field to enter new outside (travel) opponents.  Names you enter here will appear in the "Travel" list in subsequent forms.  Be careful when adding new opponents here.  If possible, use as generic a name as possible for each.  For instance, it's probably best to use the name of the opponent's club or town alone, rather than a specific team.  This way, you can reuse the opponent name for various league or division games with different teams within your organization.  Otherwise, you'll end up with a large amount of opponents that are very hard to understand and navigate.  For instance, it's probably enough to know that your "Squirt" team is playing "Lancaster."  You don't need to specify "Lancaster - Squirts."   This way, "Lancaster" can be used to designate other teams as well, such as "Lancaster" PeeWees, etc.  In this situation, you'll only have one "Lancaster" opponent name in your opponent list that is used for several association teams.
  • Note
    Use this field to enter event notes for the event.  You're limited to 32 characters, but you should try to keep the notes as brief as possible as they will cause schedules to expand in width by the length of whatever text you type here.  If you add too much data, team schedules may end up being wider than can be printed on standard paper.
  • Officials (optional):
    Once you have entered members as officials, this section will appear with a list of all officials in your database. You can select the checkbox to the left of their name (for officials with multiple positions assigned, you can select their position from a drop down window) and the official will be assigned to the game.
    Note: Officials will automatically be emailed a reminder of their assignment, at minimum, 24 hours prior to their assignment.
  • Send Notices To
    When checked, this will send automatic event notices to those affected by changes made on the event information form. If you would not like to send notcies, uncheck all of these boxes.

How to Add Recurring Practices to a Team Schedule

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How to import games and practices

Add/Edit a team Bulletin:

Bulletins are a great way to communicate with your team's players and parents. Bulletins are displayed on your team's home page with the newer bulletins displayed at the top. You can optionally email bulletins to players and parents using the "Broadcast Email" feature during the edit or creation process.  Quick look

  1. Go to
  2. Make sure you are signed in as manager/coach in the top right corner of the site (Login)
  3. Select your teams from "Teams", the menu tab at the top of your site.
  4. Go to the Administer menu on the upper right side of the screen.  On the drop-down menu, select Messaging -> Team Bulletin
  5. Click on the  button to add a new bulletin.
  6. Enter information including "Respond To", "Publish Date", and "End Date". If no "End Date" is entered the bulletin will remain on your team's page indefinitely.
  7. You may choose to have the bulletin emailed to everyone on the team by checking the "Email Broadcast" box. Select who you would like the bulletin to be mailed to (parents, players or both)
  8. Click "Submit" to save.

To edit an existing bulletin, click on the  "Edit" icon next to the bulletin on your team's page

To delete an existing bulletin, click on the  "Delete" icon next to the bulletin on you team's page

Alternatively, you may email your entire team without creating a bulletin by using the "Email Team" option at the top of the "Roster" page.

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View and Synchronize Team Calendar

  1. If you are not already logged in, repeat steps 3a, b & c.
  2. Under the Teams menu, select the Schedule option.  At this point you can view the team schedule.
  3. To synchronize your team calendar to your personal Google Calendar (which is what Android smart phones and tablets use), select the Google Calendar option at the top of the page.   Cut and paste the link provided into your Google Calendar.  This automatically synchronizes team calendar changes with your Google calendar.
  4. To synchronize your team calendar with other iCal-compatible calendar programs (MS Outlook and Apple’s iCloud calendar), select the iCal Event option at the top of the page.

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Confirm Attendance for Upcoming Events.    

By default, the system will automatically send email remainders to all team members 48 hours before an event and txt reminders 2 hours before an event.  If you would also like the reminders to include RSVP requests, ask your website administrator to enable this function for your team.

  1. If you are not already logged in and viewing your team’s schedule, repeat steps 5a & b.
  2. Select the magnifying glass icon in the ‘Attending’ column for the event of interest.  Members are in one of three groups – Attending, Not Attending or No Response.
  3. The system automatically sends an RSVP email to team members 48 hours before the event. 
  4. If you would like to request a response sooner than this, select the Email button for the No Response group.

For full instructions on managing your team page, select:  Administer -> Support -> Managers Manual when logged in as team manager.

How to use the RSVP function for Team Attendance

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Introduction to Features as a Team Manager 


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Post a General Event:

This feature will allow you to post events on your teams "Event Calendar" and "Schedule" page for a specified period of time. This is a great tool for adding an event such as an additional practice, trip or meeting.

  1. First make sure you are signed in as manager/coach.
  2. Select "Admin" in the top right corner of the website.
  3. Next, select Add General Event from the Scheduling section on the admin page.
  4. Fill in the information for your general event. You must enter a start date and a title. If no end date is entered, the end date will be the same day as the start date.
  5. Under the recurrence section, you may leave the values blank if this is a one time general event.
  6. Click submit to confirm the general event and add it to the team's calendar.

To edit a general event, navigate to your team's Calendar page and click on the event title. In the popup box, click the edit icon to edit or delete icon to remove the event entirely.

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Upload Document:

This feature will allow you to upload a document from your computer to your team's page. This is can be used to post a new playbook, parental permission slip or any document that you would like only your team to have online access to. Your team's document access page is password protected.

  1. First, make sure you are signed in as manager/coach.
  2. Select "Admin" in the top right corner of the website.
  3. Select "Add Documents" from the tools section on the admin page.
  4. Enter the name of document as you would like it appear on website, and type a brief description.
  5. Select "Browse" to locate the file on your computer.
  6. Make sure your team  is selected under the "Available To" list.
  7. Click "Submit" to confirm upload your document to your team's document page.

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Upload Photos:

This feature will allow you to upload a photograph from your computer to the "Pictures" section on your team's page. This can be used for game, team or any photo you would like your team to have access to.

  1. First, make sure you are signed in as manager/coach.
  2. Select "Admin" in the top right corner of the website.
  3. Select "Add Pictures" from the tools section on the admin page.
  4. Use "Select Files" button to locate the image file to upload from your computer.
  5. Click "Submit" to confirm photo upload.

The following are video tutorials that are helpful for parents and players

Tutorial for Family Accounts


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Import schedule to Google Calendar

direct link to FAQ:

Add an App to the iPhone Home Screen


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The Following are video tutorials for Team Managers and Coaches

Reminders and Live Schedule Notifications


How to Add Player Statistics


How to use Volunteer Management


How to Assign Coaches, Managers and Players to Teams