The Jr. Wildkits Lacrosse program run by Evanston Youth Lacrosse Association (�EYLA�) has been formed for the purpose of strengthening youth lacrosse for boys and girls in Evanston, IL by (1) creating a communication channel between national lacrosse orga

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The Drills below were excerpted from Hogan Lax of Annapolis, MD - associated with St. Mary's H.S. Annapolis.

- 6-v-0 Skeleton Offense Drill: Half Field Groundball and Transition Work.  Great work on half field groundball responsibilities and transition. Pre-Stretch Stickwork

- Box Drill: 3 Man Stickwork. Get the ball in and out of your stick fast. Great disguised conditioning. A coach, not player, favorite

- Saint Drill: Over the Shoulder Drill.  Improve your team's over the shoulder catching ability. This is great for poles but, is useful to all members of your team. Fast moving, up and down, lots of reps.

Help Drill: Non-Contact Groundball Drill.  Great for all levels. Works on not only how to pick up the ball, but how the other players need to position themselves: pick up the ball and move it!

- Build Up Drill, Transition Defense and Offense:  This is a half field, unsettled drill. Develops communication and recognition skills. You the coach create the situations you want. Kids love this drill.

- Clearing Keep Away: Goalie work:  How to find the open lanes, move without the ball. Work on cross field passes with limited pressure. Stickwork that prepares you for clearing the ball.

- Butt to Butt, Individual Groundball Drill:  Work on player body awareness, lowering center of gravity, having to fight for groundball, and running away from pressure.



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